NEX-G is an electronic contract manufacturing service provider (EMS). 

We have a specialization in quick turnaround, prototype assembly, production set up and validation,  covering low to medium-scale production meeting quality standards. (check here for more details)

Our team is experienced, working in the manufacturing field for many years, and takes product design and manufacturing very seriously. We would like to offer an exceptional experience to our clients who would like to produce and set up their supply chain in China. 


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Components Sourcing / Procurement​
Component selection
Availability assessment
Replacement evaluation
Incoming QC
MES System
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Product Assembly (Box Build)
PFMEA study
Simple Box building
Complex Box Building
Ultrasonic Welding
Laser Marking
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Contract for Manufacturing
- Low Volume production
- Production Line Validation
- Mass Production
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Supply chain
We know the difficulties of building and handling a supply chain for your product, that’s why we can help you!

Throughout the years we gathered reliable partners to offer a complete solution to you.
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Testing Equipment
We offer a range of testing capabilities to ensure your product meets all the requirements.

- X-ray inspection
- Stress testing
- Salt and spray testing
- Thermal shock
- Vibration
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Outsourcing capabilities
- Metal (CNC, Stamping, Folding, Laser cutting, Extrusion…)
- Battery (LiPo, Li-Ion, NiCd…)
- Harness and Cables
- Plastic Injection
- Metal Casting
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