Nex-G facility is equipped with 2 SMT lines for mass production (medium and high output) as well as 1 line for prototyping, where we extensively use to validate the PCBA boards before bringing them into mass production. We strongly believe that in this way, we can guarantee quality and less risks to our clients when ramping up the production or moving to different stages of product manufacturing.

Prototyping SMT Line 

The prototype line serves for PCB/PCBA and SMT process validation before scaling up the production to greater numbers. 

Setting up the prototype line is far quicker than a common SMT line used for mass production which contributes to having a quick turnaround.

This helps the customer to validate different production stages like EVT (Engineering Validation Testing) or DVT (Design Validation Testing) as well as get ready for the Mass Production stage, minimizing the risks and material waste.

Mass Production SMT Line

This is the core of an EMS (Electonic Manufacturing Service) factory and Nex-G this could not be different. It refers to the PCB components assembly and checking. Each process in SMT production has different flows and requirements, for which different processing machines and positions cooperate as a system to form a complete SMT line flow.

Surface Mount technology has the characteristics of high density, high reliability, low cost, and smaller size, which requires a more efficient processing SMT line.

In our facility, not only the process is automatized but we also have skilled workers constantly monitoring the SMT line in order to ensure a high production yield. 

Testing Equipment 

A variety of test equipment to ensure the product meets all requirements.

Vibration bed: Simulates transportation environment for vibration on varietal packaging. 

Salty and spray Testing: this is a standardized and popular corrosion test method, used to check the corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings. 

Thermal chamber: it is used for the thermal conditioning of specimens during tests. It can be used for environmental testing, semiconductor testing, chemical stability testing, battery performance, and much more. 

X-ray: is a technology that can find hidden features within a target object, it enables inspectors to see multiple qualities of a printed circuit and identify a range of potential problems, such as Solder bridge, Solder voids, Pin-hole fills, and more.

SMT first article inspection system: FAI-JCX830 is a device for increasing efficiency in the SMT process. It automatically generates inspection procedures by integrating BOM, CAD and drawings quickly and accurately detects components one by one and automatically determines the results. Easy operation and inspection time can be reduced by more than 50%. As a result, it reduces human errors and improves the accuracy and traceability of first article inspection, ensuring the quality of production.

Customized Jigs and Fixtures 

PCBA functional testing is the most comprehensive testing regimen for determining whether the board can either leave the factory and be shipped to the customer or assembled for the final product. 

We offer our clients customized JIGs made to their requirements to perform functional tests of PCBAs or the product after assembly is complete.



Components Sourcing / Procurement​
Component selection
Availability assessment
Replacement evaluation
Incoming QC
MES System
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Product Assembly (Box Build)
PFMEA study
Simple Box building
Complex Box Building
Ultrasonic Welding
Laser Marking
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Contract for Manufacturing
- Low Volume production
- Production Line Validation
- Mass Production
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Supply chain
We know the difficulties of building and handling a supply chain for your product, that’s why we can help you!

Throughout the years we gathered reliable partners to offer a complete solution to you.
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Testing Equipment
We offer a range of testing capabilities to ensure your product meets all the requirements.

- X-ray inspection
- Stress testing
- Salt and spray testing
- Thermal shock
- Vibration
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Outsourcing capabilities
- Metal (CNC, Stamping, Folding, Laser cutting, Extrusion…)
- Battery (LiPo, Li-Ion, NiCd…)
- Harness and Cables
- Plastic Injection
- Metal Casting
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